Announcement: KODAK Capture Desktop Software

We are pleased to announce that the new KODAK Capture Desktop Software will soon be bundled at no additional charge with selected KODAK Scanners.

What is KODAK Capture Desktop Software?

KODAK Capture Desktop Software is built on the same code base as KODAK Capture Pro Software and shares a similar interface. It is designed to drive new levels of productivity through a variety of features that make it easier to process and share scanned documents.

Building on most capabilities of Smart Touch, KODAK Capture Desktop Software provides the essential functionality to quickly capture and convert documents into useable information
The software is optimized for environments where multiple users share a scanner for capturing and indexing files
It captures, edits and outputs anything from single documents to larger batches
A complete set of icon-based tools are available to simplify scanning and automate your capture workflow

KODAK Capture Desktop Software features include:

  • Post-scan editing, rotate, crop, rescan, insert page and split document
  • Conveniently make scanner setting overrides
  • Add a single index (manual or drag-and-drop OCR)
  • Automated document separation by count or by using blank sheets of paper
  • Page setups for easy configuration of commonly used features
  • Create output to fi le/e-mail/printer
  • Advanced Microsoft SharePoint output options
  • Capability to assign more than 25 shortcuts/scanner buttons to common jobs

Tables comparing the features of KODAK Capture Desktop Software vs KODAK Capture Software Lite as well as KODAK Capture Pro Software vs KODAK Capture Desktop Software are attached to this e-mail.

The following Scanners will be bundled with Capture Desktop Software:

KODAK i30 /i40 Scanners, i1200 Series Scanners, i1300 Series Scanners, i100 Series Scanner and i1400 Series Scanners.

PLEASE be aware that KODAK Capture Software Lite will no longer be in the box as soon as the new KODAK Capture Desktop is available.

Timing and Transition Period

You will start to see the first scanners with KODAK Capture Desktop Software in late April 2009. Due to stock levels and shipping times, there will be a transition period where some scanners will still be delivered with KODAK Capture Software Lite whilst others will already have KODAK Capture Desktop.

Where appropriate, we are happy to provide a copy of KODAK Capture Desktop free of charge directly to your customer. Please e-mail Richard Broden with these requests stating customer name and address.

Read more details on Kodak Website

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