More choices, based on a tried and true performer

Choose from three Kodak i700 Series Scanners to ideally match the speed and volume requirements of your enterprise. The new Kodak i730 and i750 Scanners deliver all the advantages of the tried-and-true Kodak i780 Scanner, a Better Buys for Business Editor’s Choice Award winner: the speed you need; automatic features like auto orientation for exceptional images every time; and rugged, reliable performance.

Three models delivering best-in-class productivity:
• i730 - 90 ppm
• i750 - 115 ppm
• i780 - 130 ppm

Real-world speed? We’re true to our word

Unlike some scanners that make big promises but don’t deliver on stated claims, Kodak i700 Series Scanners let you do more - faster - through real-world productivity that’s
50 to 80% faster than competitors in real-world tests.

  • Full-rated speed, even with all image processing features running – auto orientation, duplex, deskew, colour dropout, auto crop, dual-stream output and more
  • Same true-rated speed at 200 or 300 dpi
  • Cost-eff ective, model upgrade option to increase speed and productivity without buying a new scanner

Scan once for many formats

  • Produce up to four diff erent images in one pass
  • Five output options - black-and-white, colour or greyscale, plus two dual-stream options:
    colour and black-and-white or greyscale and blackand- white
  • Create one image data file for searchable text with OCR, create another image data fi le for storage

True colours and quality without extra effort

  • Auto orientation feature analyzes document content on the fly so images are automatically displayed in correctreading orientation
  • Perfect Page technology gives you exceptional image quality automatically - often better than the original, even from less-than-ideal forms, photos and documents
  • iThresholding delivers optimised black-and-white images by automatically determining the best adjustments for problem images, without operator intervention
  • Auto colour detection for switching between black-and-white and colour or from black-and-white to greyscale scanning
  • Electronic colour dropout eliminates form colour so only the necessary information is captured
  • Auto cropping eliminates unnecessary borders
  • Deskew to capture entire image and ensure no data is lost in the process

True productivity with reduced prepping, presorting, and resetting

  • •Put an end to presorting with auto orientation – each document is instantly analyzed and displayed properly, based on content
  • Autofeed mixed batches of up to 500 documents, forms, photos, and graphics – from 64 mm x 64 mm up to 305 mm x 863 mm
  • Tri-zone ultrasonic multi-feed detection recognizes labels, sticky notes and stuck-together documents (common in mixed-batch scenarios) to maximise uptime
  • Choose high-, medium- or low-detection sensitivity – with flexibility to turn
    sensors on or off , individually

Combine i700 Series Scanners with Kodak Capture Pro Software

Work smarter with a single capture-to-output solution Out-of-the-box production scanning has never been easier or more powerful. Combine Kodak Capture Pro Software with an i700 Series Scanner for instantly optimised scanning efficiency. You’ll love the added
benefi ts: unlimited searchable PDF and no click charges. Quickly achieve maximum ROI with one of the most comprehensive yet easy-to-use capture solutions available.

Reliability, performance and speed for your world

Discover true productivity with Kodak i700 Series Scanners. Based on technology that’s proven in the real world, the i700 Series Scanners deliver reliability and speed that’s true to spec. Visit and learn more today.

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