Just ONE click to scan directly to SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint Servers for workflow, archiving, document management, collaboration, ECM, ERP, are becoming the mainstream. This trend is already visible for a few years, but now Microsoft has got the critical mass on the Document Management Segment. If you ask a system integrator about the architecture of a his/her solution, Microsoft SharePoint is playing a major role, as supported infrastructure.

Microsoft has hundreds of thousands SharePoint Servers installed Worldwide!

Some of them store Electronic documents only, and there is a good chance to sell document scanners into this applications. Until now, it has not been possible to connect a Kodak Scanner to SharePoint and send documents directly into this portal. The only way has been some 3rd party software, which might be very costly, or difficult to handle.
Therefore we have introduced the free tool "Plug-In" for Smart Touch, to send scanned images as PDF, JPEG or TIFF directly into any available SharePoint Library. And it is sooo easy to use.

Free download from Atalasoft

With the free tool from Atalasoft, you have now the missing link between our distributes scanners (i1100, i1200, i1300 and i1400) and Microsoft SharePoint, and this is a excellent opportunity to address and develop a new base of resellers: Microsoft Resellers !!!

Please download the tool called "Vizit Scan To SharePoint" from the Atalasoft web page if you have no copy at hand. It works with (and only) Kodak scanners supported by Smart Touch. There is even a Video on the Web-Site explaining the use of the tool. We are working closely with AtalaSoft to embrace onto the SharePoint market.

5MB FREE Sharepoint web-space for testing

If you have no SharePoint server in your office, and want to demonstrate or test the tool, that is very easy! Just sign up with "FreeSharePoint" for a demo account with 5Mbytes web-space. That is not much, but enough to run a demo with the scan-to-SharePoint tool.


Your chance to grow your business

This tool allows you to enter the SharePoint market, get closer to Microsoft, and Microsoft's gold Resellers. The potential is really great !!! Your chance to grow your business, is to talk to Microsoft and join them on Road-Shows, SharePoint trainings, promotions and in introduce Kodak Scanners with the Atalasoft tool to Microsoft resellers. Microsoft - by the way - is very open to share their Reseller contacts !!!

The Microsoft market is huge!

Please build links to so-called Microsoft MVP's (Most Valuable Professionals) for SharePoint Servers, and promote Kodak Scanners together with the Atalasoft tool.
Microsoft is very open in sharing the information about their Gold-Resellers, and is keen on selling more SharePoint server licenses. This reseller group is mostly software orientated. They will love our easy-to-use scanners with Perfect Page and the scan-to-SharePoint tool. Each SharePoint Server can be connected to hundreds of users and dozens of scanners.

Before the demo and meeting with Microsoft, please be sure to have the latest version of scanner driver and smart-touch installed on your PC, in order that you can install the Atalasoft tool.

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