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We are very pleased to inform you about our new Kodak i780 Scanner.

KODAK has announced a new Colour Scanner in the High-Volume Production Segment: The KODAK i780 Scanner.

Kodak i780 Scanner

KODAK i780 Scanner Accelerates Speed and Performance for High-Volume Production Scanning.

Jan. 29, 2008—Racing stripes are not included, but consider the new KODAK i780 Scanner a performance tuned vehicle that any business can use to drive mission critical document processes and meet its core demands in real time. Improved accuracy and productivity allows documents to be captured at optimal speed with superior image quality and ease of use.

Current business demands, driven by increased information-based processes and a need to meet heightened government regulations, require that critical information be pulled from a wide range of documents and sources. With a set of market leading features, the KODAK i780 Scanner allows its users to meet the rapidly escalating requirements of production level, intelligent information capture, making it a natural choice for forms processing operations.

“ The KODAK i780 Scanner elevates mid-volume production scanning by making it efficient for end users to obtain real, usable data with every scan regardless of a document’s original quality or structure,” said Richard Broden EAMER Marketing Manager, Document Imaging, Graphic Communications Group, Eastman Kodak Company. “The combination of competitive performance features, including full compatibility with Microsoft Windows operating systems 2000 SP4, XP SP2 and Vista 32-bit, with Kodak’s advanced image processing and paper handling, provides businesses with a precision tool to cut through the clutter.”

Document throughput provides image capture speeds up to 130 pages per minute (ppm) and image resolution up to 300 dots per inch (dpi) at rated speed, in colour, greyscale and black-and-white, in dual stream mode and with all advanced features enabled. This performance raises the bar for mid-volume production scanning standards, further enhancing return on investment. The i780 Scanner provides an array of cutting edge image processing features to deliver outstanding image quality:

  • Automatic orientation based on document content, saving labour and time required for presorting.
  • Kodak Perfect Page image processing technologies for optimal image quality with readability equal to or better than the original native document.
  • Auto colour detection for automatic color scanning.
  • Electronic colour dropout eliminates the form colour and captures only the information needed for processing.
  • Auto cropping captures only the actual document and straightens every image and page to avoid distorted processing.
  • Five output options meet virtually all imaging requirements—black-and-white, colour or greyscale, plus two dual stream options, colour and black and white, or greyscale and black and white.

Versatile paper handling through Kodak’s Sure Path technology provides the flexibility to easily scan mixed batches of business documents, photo prints, tear sheets and graphics—from 2½ inches by 2 ½ inches to 12 inches by 34 inches. An ultrasonic multi-feed paper detection system ensures that all documents and their content are captured by recognizing labels, stick-on notes and stuck together documents.
Rounding out image processing and paper handling performance is the i780 Scanner’s compatibility with available KODAK Capture Software, which offers many additional features including OCR and Barcode recognition, more than 40 different output formats, versatile batch scanning solutions, digital signature capabilities, and other useful production features.

The i780 Scanner has a list price of 39,990 Euros ( mentioned price may vary depending on local customs and transportation costs ) and is available for immediate delivery from Kodak’s channel partners

Kodak i780 Scanner

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