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Release 1. / Date: 24-10-2005

KODAK i40 Scanners mark their first year with new features!

- Announcement -

Kodak announced ( September 19, 2005 ), the industry-first feeder attachment for the KODAK i40 Scanner that is designed to scan documents, which have been impossible to scan before!

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The KODAK i40 if equipped with the new feeder can feed documents from the front, scan, and eject them to the front again.
You can now enter new application opportunities for transactional scanning, "usual scanners" simply do not fit!
The i40 with the new "special document feeder" is excellent for projects and unique applications.

All i40 Scanners are also equipped with the standard feeder for batch scanning. The special document feeder is an additional feature!

The ease-of-use “Special Document Feeder”, allows to apply the scanner in environments where space is limited and traditional scanners simply don’t fit!
KODAK is the first vendor offering this function!

For the first time it is possible to place the scanner on a counter with limited clearance, or even into a drawer. The feeder can take almost anything, like plastic cards such as ID-Cards, Credit cards, very thick postcards or other unusual documents. The paper size can range between business card and A4. Jams are virtually impossible using the Special Document Feeder!

With its one-touch-button operation and the new front feeding and ejecting system, the scanner is excellent suited for banking, transactions, retail, telecommunications, self-service, lottery, hotel, Internet, medical, point-of-sales and many other applications, which require to scan in a different way.

Kodak is fully supported using the special document feeder and delivers excellent image quality.

In addition: New firmware for i30 and i40 available for download:
Kodak Button Manager – This feature allows the configuration of up to nine different applications, any of which can be launched using the scanner’s “Start” button. For example, users who want to scan documents into PDF files can do so using ReadIRIS Corporate Edition 9 (included with the scanner) and this one-button feature.
Increased maximum document length – The maximum document length is up to 863mm.
Image edge fill – Reduces jagged edges for a crisper image edge.

The firmware upgrades for Button Manager, Long Scan and Edge-Fill are available immediately on the i30 and i40 Scanners!
Current scanner owners may download the firmware for free by clicking on “Drivers” at http://www.kodak.com/go/DIsupport.

The special document feeder feature is available only on newly shipped i40 Scanners!



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For more information about Kodak’s Document Imaging business, visit www.kodak.com/go/docimaging.

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